Shift that Paradigm

I just got my free "Free the Mouse" bumper sticker. You can get one too. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can learn more here.

Briefly, the Constitution says that Congress can grant copyrights for a limited time, to encourage the artists. However, current copyright law grants copyrights that last for 70 years after the author's death. Clearly, no amount of encouragement will bring more from a dead artist; we will never see more works by Walt Disney, John Lennon, Robert Frost, or Jim Henson. This case, soon to go before the Supreme Court, will hopefully overturn the most recent copyright extension act, and finally release Mickey Mouse (and thousands of other works) into the public domain.

(Every time Mickey Mouse has nearly entered the public domain, extensive lobbying by The Walt Disney Company and friends has resulted in a copyright extension act being passed. This is particularly annoying since so many of their works are based on stories in the public domain!)


A bird just flew into my office momentarily, hopped around on the window sill, tweated a bit, and flew off.

(Rather ironic considering my journal entry from yesterday)


I love

"And then a small bird landed on a branch above my head -- I don't even know what kind. A sparrow? A wren? It lifted up its head and warbled a few notes and for no good reason at all, I felt happy.
I didn't see the singer as a small drab brown bird on an equally drab branch, but as a microcosm that reflected every living thing. I didn't hear its song as a few warbled notes, quickly swallowed by the sounds of traffic beyond the confines of the park, but as an echo of all the music that was ever sung.
I sat up and looked around and nothing seemed the same. It was as though someone had just told me some unbelievably good news and simply by hearing it, my perspective on everything was changed."

- Charles de Lint, The Ivory & the Horn



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Peanut Sauce

I just added two new recipes to my recipes webpage. One of them is a recipe for fresh peanut sauce. Since I know some of you are big fans of peanut sauce, I thought you might be interested.


Mucking with Ecology

Scientists are working on genetically engineered yeast and algae that live in pond water and produce a mosquito hormone that prevents mosquito reproduction. Read about it here.