Google Scholar

Google Scholar is neat. Try entering the title of a book and the
name of the author, search, then click “Library Search” on the
matching result. You may have to put the book title in quotes.


Do-it-yourself Projector

I recently bought this and this and now I have a projector for
watching movies. The way I have it setup right now, the viewable
diagonal is a bit less than 8 feet. :-) The quality is great, although
I do need to fiddle with the contrast depending on how bright or dark
the particular movie is. I’m still working on figuring out the best
way to arrange the projector and the furniture so that there’s plenty
of seating that isn’t too close.

For those of you who are real-life friends who live nearby, I’m
planning to start hosting weekly movie nights soon. Stay tuned for
details, and start thinking about movies you want to expose others to.


Controversial food for thought

Controversial food for thought.


Words of hope

Several people I know have told me that they're thinking of leaving the country if Bush wins. Some are just joking, some not so much.

Traveling to Berlin changed my outlook on American politics. The people of Berlin saw the rise of a tyrant. They saw the demise of civil liberties. They saw their country perform acts of evil. They saw their city bombed to the ground.

The saw the rise of the Cold War, where we were a thin margin away from nuclear war. They became the focus point: their city divided, families split by a few miles and unable to see one another. Those in West Berlin lived for forty years surrounded by a hostile power.