Here are pictures from my trip.


Seen in a toy store in Vancouver

Some of you will appreciate this. (work safe)

"This toy is not suitable for children 3 years of age and under."


I am having a good trip. :-)

Pictures will be forthcoming upon my return. I forgot to bring the right cable so that I could grab pictures off my digital camera while I'm here.


Spreading my wings…

Things have been picking up lately. In the past month, I went from
having no publications, to having two posters and two papers accepted
(see Publications). There’s a lot of traveling in my near future as
I hop all over the country to present them.

Speaking of traveling, in a few days I’m heading up to Vancouver to
the annual meeting of the Music Librarian Association where I want
to get a feel for their take on issues related to my work:
peer-to-peer file sharing, copyright, and rewarding artists fairly.
It’s a tricky issue, and I’m interested in the point of view of
librarians since, on the average, they share a lot of my ideals: open
access to information and artwork for the betterment of humanity.



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