Simulated Piano

Audiophile musicians will love this.

You know how most virtual pianos are based on samples from real pianos? Well, Pianoteq decided to take a different approach, by simulating an actual physical piano. As in, their software simulates all the reverberations, the strings, the hammers, the cabinet. Everything. No samples. Which means everything is adjustable. You can simulate the piano tuned in different temperaments, with the lid open, closed, or half-open, the length of the piano, etc.


DMOZ Editor

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Building a faster-like type for Python, part 2

I needed a break from my deep mental immersion in poker software, so over the past few days I spent some time working on my faster list-like type for Python, the "blist". Some of you with good memories may remember it from my last post about it... over a year ago. Previously, it featured O(log n) inserts and deletes without giving up any performance for small lists when compared to Python's current array-based lists. However, random access reads and writes with no change in length were also O(log n), compared to an array's O(1).


Don’t confuse me with facts!

Palin: "It's easy to forget that this is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or reform - not even in the state senate."

Doing a search reveals that Obama has sponsored 50 bills in the current Congress. McCain has sponsored 21. Notably:

McCain: "I want to again thank the bipartisanship that is associated with this bill, including Senator Carper and Senator Obama."

Bush: "I want to thank the bill sponsors, Tom Coburn from Oklahoma, Tom Carper from Delaware, and Barack Obama from Illinois."


It’s not a bug it’s a ….

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