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Today, I discovered dope.el: the DOtemacs ProfilEr. It helped me a eliminate a bunch of cruft in my .emacs, so it now loads in around 180ms instead of 1300ms.


Do you have asparagus in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

I think those of you working on the Geek Pinup Calendar () have been one-upped by PETA: video.

Not safe for work. In fact, PETA wanted to run the ad during the Superbowl on NBC, but NBC rejected the ad for being to racy.


Online Gambling in the U.S.

People sometimes ask me about the legal status of playing online poker from the U.S. Today, LegalZoom published the following article: Online Gambling: Is it Legal?





The good: Bush moves out of the Whitehouse.
The bad: Bush moves in 5 miles from me.


Dear lazy web,

Anyone a wizard with Windows file sharing?

I have two Windows XP boxes on a wireless network. Call them A and B. I share a folder on A. On B, I copy a 7 MB file from A to B using Windows Explorer. The copy takes a few minutes, when it should take at most a few seconds.

I sometimes run a virtual machine, C, on computer A. The virtual machine runs Vista. Copying the same file to C from A also takes a few minutes, when it should be nearly instantaneous.


mailing list manager

I'm looking for some software to manage email mailing lists for my business, so that I can keep in touch with groups of individuals (e.g., all my beta testers or previous customers, etc).

Ideally, it would have a web interface where I can add individuals to different lists, and users can remove themselves from any list they no longer wish to receive.

Anyone have any experience with any software that might fit the bill?

Edit: It'd be particularly awesome if I could track my users in a spreadsheet or SQL database and have the mailing list software be able to pull lists based on whether certain fields were set.



Bolt (movie): A+. A perfect feel-good flick. Highly recommended.

Mamma Mia (movie): A musical created by stringing a plot together from Abba songs. A- or C, depending on how you feel about Abba. This is one of very few musicals where a spontaneous musical dance number seemed plausible (because, let's face it, the dance floor is never empty when Dancing Queen comes on).

Across the Universe (movie): B. A musical created by stringing a plot together from Beatles songs. Unlike Mamma Mia, the music is entirely rearranged and reinterpreted.