64-bit machine

Anyone have a 64-bit machine with gcc and Python that I can have a shell account on? I'm trying to debug a blist crash on 64-bit systems, but it's a little tricky without being able to reproduce the problem.



Alisa and I just saw Watchmen. Loved it. Easily the best book-to-movie translation I've seen, though others will undoubtedly disagree. They even slightly altered the ending and made it *better*. It's also visually beautiful.

People expecting a traditional superhero action movie will be disappointed. It's more of a drama full of Byronic heroes.

We caught it as a matinee at the Studio Movie Cafe. I had to laugh when Laurie's mom offers her a margarita and she replies "Mom! It's two in the afternoon!" because I was, well, sipping a margarita at two in the afternoon.



Hell is filled with difficult-to-reproduce bugs.