Dear Lazy Web

Where can I buy a 2.5mm x .45 bolt, 25mm long, without having to pay $9 shipping?

(hint: not in my local hardware store)


Speaker repair?

Anyone know anything about speaker repair?

I've got a pair of speaker cabinets that my parents gave me when they invested in a modern 7.1 speaker system. Recently the woofer in one of the cabinets stopped producing sound. After disassembling the cabinet, I was able to determine that the woofer has a short (0 ohms).

Googling around for parts, I've discovered that it's a valuable vintage set (Sansui SP-1700s), which means that:

  • It may actually be worth the trouble of repairing, and
  • Spare parts are not available

Code Editors

Why do we still use fixed-width fonts for editing code?



I just made a new Python module called HeapDict that implements a heap, including the decrease-key operation that's conspicuously missing from the Python standard library's heapq.