Health and Fitness

Around New Year's, when other people were posting their goals for the year, I meant to post some health and fitness goals for myself. And by "New Year's", I actually mean "New Year's 2008". I think it's a little late for me to post fitness my goals for 2008, or even for 2009, so instead I'm going to grade some of the tools that have and haven't worked out.

Camp Stutz 2009

Back from the annual Stutzbach family camping trip in New Hampshire. This year's menu included:

  • frushi
  • filet mignon
  • french fries (from scratch)
  • pickles (pickled on-site)
  • chocolate chip cookies (baked on-site)
  • homemade marshmallows (vanilla, chocolate chip, and root beer)
  • waffles (from scratch)
  • grilled pizza
  • ratatouille
  • green eggs and ham
  • bruschetta (with mozzarella made on-site)

What can I say? Several years ago, Dad picked up gourmet cooking as a hobby and now we're all spoiled!