Following up on my previous entry about my do-it-yourself
projector, when Alisa came to visit in May we built a screen for the
projector. We picked up a 6-foot long, 1-inch diameter curtain rod at
Home Depot, and 6 feet of blackout cloth at Jo Ann Fabrics. While at
first we were thinking of wrapping the cloth around the rod, we
discovered we could just tape it directly to the rod. The rod itself
is slightly fluted, which allowed us to easily line up the blackout
cloth in a nice straight line. Packing tape is in place on the two
ends, and regular masking tape is holding up the rest.

Blackout cloth, for those who don’t know, is white, not black. It’s
meant to be attached to regular curtains to block out all the light
coming in to the room. In fact, we bought some extra blackout cloth
to cover my sliding glass door and the nearest window to make the
picture more viewable during the day.

The picture quality has improved dramatically compared to the wall.
While my walls are white, they’re also textured and not quite
reflective enough. Previously, the contrast was poor with very dark
scenes being too dark and very light scenes being too light. Now the
picture looks great!

Picture of my projector in action


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