Internet Gambling

Should Internet gambling be illegal? Why or why not?

If you think it should be illegal, should the laws penalize gambling sites, gamblers, or both, and how do you enforce the law?

If you think it should be legal, how should it be regulated?


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  • Well realistically it can’t be illegal as most internet gambling is not hosted in the US as far as I know. So outlawing it in anyone place is not workable they can just pull up their server and move somewhere else.

    As with all big business it will just move to where the law of the land is most advantageous.

    As for making it illegal to go to an internet gambling site, enforceability is a bit hard. Other than completely getting rid of the notion(however quaint) of privacy online.

    But more important than the technical hurdles, why on earth would you make it illegal in the first place?

    Paper Tiger 1: Gambling is immoral and causes tooth decay or some such.
    I know a lot of states for instance that do not allow gambling, casinos and such. And if asked state officals will say because its immoral. However these same states usualy have some form of Lotto, racetracks and other not “gambling” gambling. Seems inconsistent to me. In fact in RI they were recently considering allowing a big Casino to be built and one of the state officals said a a reporter that they(the state) were examining how havinga casino move in would affect their lotto revenue. Hypocrisy. feh.

    Paper Tiger 2: people spend money on it they shouldn’t.
    Then you should outlaw the Home Shopping Network as well. Well thats not exactly a fair comparison buying anything on HSN is a waste of money=) But seriously I have known people put themselves in a serious financial hurt with HSN.
    No matter how foolproof you make something They will always come out with a better Idiot. Idiot 3.0 now with 50% more stupidity=) There are always goign to be ways for sick people to hurt themselves.

    When you turn 18(in the USA anyway) it is assumed you are of sound mind and are enabled to enter into legally binding contracts. These contracts sometimes and quite often involve Risk. Thats the thing about being a grown-up you are supposed to examine such things before you sign. If we are to say that you can not enter into a contract with Risk, all business shutsdown, wallstreet, the local diner, all of it.

    As for regulation. Forced regulation won’t work the same way making it illegal won’t. Too easy to move to a different server/country.

    However I do think that regulation is the answer.
    I think that an independent regulatory or at least review site could solve potential problems. It comes down to user education. And fact finding. The regulatory site(RS) could contact gambling sites and take notes on what they do in regards to the issues involved in running a safe gambling site. Talk about security and such. Then rate the various sites and share this info with the internet community. In addition to reviews of different gambling sites, the RS could cover online gambler education. General tips and tricks on safety and such. I would hope that after a time people would shy away from gambling sites without the RS’s approval stamp. And site without it would change their tune to get it.

    In closing its my firm that all attempts to legislate for stupidity or morality are misguided affairs. Morality is different from person to person. And stupidity is ingenious(in getting around protections).

    The answer to this and many of life’s quadaries are an informed and communicating public.

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