Fantasy Author Robert Jordan Passes Away

My knowledge of curse words is woefully insufficient.


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  • A man is dead, I suppose it’s not really appropriate to be annoyed that he never finished his damn books. Still… ARRGGHHH!!!

  • Only Slashdot could turn this into an open source joke. From the comments:

    The curse of buying from a supplier with a single-source. If you’re smart enough to buy a plain beige box made of parts from 30 low-bidders, that can run a variety of operating systems, you should be smart enough to buy novels written the same way. That way, if once of the writers dies, any number of other low-bidders can just pick up where he/she left off

    Honestly, buying a novel from a series written by a single writer is like buying a Mac. Sure, the writing might be a little better than if it were written as a collaboration, but it’s TOTAL VENDOR LOCK-IN!

    Never buy a book from a series unless it has at least 3 authors!

  • Here’s hoping they violate his last wishes and don’t roast his notes.

  • pmb

    He has claimed that he purposely left notes to finish the last book in case he died.

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