Anyone have an Internet-based bank that they're happy with?

... other than NetBank (which is being closed by FDIC =( ) and ING Direct (which doesn't have business checking).


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  • I wasn’t happy with any net-exclusive banks. I ended up just using USBank. They have a really good online bill pay feature. I can do everything from home or away.

  • I’ll second the above comment. I found online-only banks didn’t offer anything over a national bank with good online/postal services.

    I’ve found Citibank to be quite pleasant as an online and mail only bank for more than 5 years. I can do almost everything online, and they reimburse up to $8 in ATM fees a month. The only annoyance without having any branches nearby is that depositing checks require mailing them in, but that will happen with any online bank.

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