After months of hard work (mostly pulling my hair out trying to fathom Microsoft idiosyncrasies), the first beta of Poker Notes is now ready. It's designed to help online poker players keep track of tricky hands so they can review them later. As you play, it notices recently played hands and displays them one-line-each, almost like an email program. You can click on a hand to view an easy-to-read history of the play during the hand. It also provides a textbox so you can take notes on the hand and record anything that you find tricky. Later, you can have it show only the hands with notes, so you can quickly find the troublesome hands.

It also has an option to post the hand to one of several online poker forums, so you can ask the poker community for advice on how to play the hand. Poker Notes will pop up a browser, load the poker website, and paste the hand into the edit box correctly formatted to display nicely on that poker website.

Right now it only supports limit Texas Hold'em. I've only tested with Full Tilt Poker so far, but many other poker sites are at least theoretically supported. At the moment only the Poker Sleuth and 2+2 forums are supported, but it's trivial to add other forums, blogs, email, or whatever. If you have Poker Tracker, it will work with it and access the Poker Tracker database, but Poker Tracker is not required.

I'm looking for beta testers who play online limit Texas Hold'em and might be interested in keeping track of tricky hands. If that describes you, post a comment here or email Please pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested.

I'll follow up with some screenshots tomorrow or Friday. Eventually, I plan to add support to run simulations to evaluate the odds of winning the pot at each phase of the hand.


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