1977: Born; saw Star Wars in the theater; attended annual Stutzbach-family camping trip for the first time
1978: Offered Cheerios to my newborn sister, Jill
1986: Began learning BASIC on an IBM PCjr
1989: Won grand prize in 6th grade science fair
1995: Graduated from LaSalle Academy in Providence, RI
1998: Graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Computer Science; began working at Assured Digital
2001: Moved to Eugene, Oregon; began graduate school
2002: With teammates James Marr and Carl Howells, won the ACM ICPC Pacific Northwest Regional Programming Competition
2003: Honorable mention at the ACM ICPC World Finals; began learning juggling and the Tango
2006: Completed Ph.D. in Computer Science; moved to Dallas, Texas
2007: Married Alisa; honeymooned in French Polynesia; began working in ernest on Poker Sleuth
2010: Became a Python committer; moved to California; began working for Google


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