Al Gore

Today Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Myself, I hope that he can be convinced to run for President one more time. In part, this is because I am unimpressed with the current selection of candidates. More significantly, it's because I have come to genuinely admire and respect Al Gore.

Unlike almost everyone else on, or potentially on, the 2008 Presidential ballot, Gore opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning and condemned Bush for using the 9/11 attacks a pretext. He has also spoken out against illegal wiretaps and similar violations of civil liberties as well as violations of the Geneva Conventions. His book, The Assault on Reason is in some ways a roast of the current administration, but also asks hard questions about the political process and how America allowed these scoundrels to come to power. The overall theme is a call for a return to reasoned discourse instead of 30-second sound bites that appeal more to emotion than the mind.

In addition to the Nobel Prize, Gore has also won an Emmy (for Current TV), an Oscar (for an Inconvenient Truth), and the John Muir award (again for environmental leadership).

Also, he was instrumental in inventing the Internet. :-) No, seriously. Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn say so. In the late 1970's Gore was exposed to the proto-Internet in college and got the crazy notion that it would be great if everyone had access to it, and that it would be an engine for economic growth--and that's exactly what happened when the High Performance Computing and Communication Act (aka "The Gore Bill") passed in 1991.

He's an enormous geek and sits on the board of Apple and acts as a senior adviser to Google

Finally, he lived in the same dorm as Tommy Lee Jones. ;-)

If you, too, would like to see another option in the Democratic primaries, send your two cents to Al Gore at Office of the Honorable Al Gore, 2100 West End Avenue, Suite 620, Nashville, TN 37203.


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