Dear Lazy Web

Where can I buy a 2.5mm x .45 bolt, 25mm long, without having to pay $9 shipping?

(hint: not in my local hardware store)


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    • They’re the ones who want $9 shipping on a 20 cent part that could be shipped with a 42 cent stamp.

      • So, I talked to my friends who work there to figure out why it was so much, and they pointed out that a) they’re losing money already on a single bolt and b) they ship everything UPS and that’s how much they charge for a <1 lb. package. BUT there is a pickup option, so if you know someone who can stop by their office (such as me), you can get it for 20 cents plus shipping. Unless it's a washer, though, we're probably looking at some kind of puffy envelope which will cost money to buy and more than 42 cents to ship.

        • It’s not a washer, but the bolt’s diameter is so tiny that it could still be shipped in an ordinary first class envelope (the bolt is narrower than anything Home Depot caries, so picture the thinnest bolt you’ve ever seen and then go smaller ;) ). A snack-sized ziplock bag would offer plenty of protection to prevent the bolt from wearing a hole in the envelope.

          I don’t think I could reasonably ask you to go through the trouble of picking it up, unless you lived or worked right next to BoltDepot. I appreciate the thought, though!

          I’m going to try some of the other local hardware stores. If I don’t have any luck, I guess I’ll cough up the $9.

        • I managed to find one locally after checking around at more stores. Thanks, though. :-)

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