Are you sure it’s the SMB portion…

Comment on “Dear lazy web,” by purple_dj

Are you sure it's the SMB portion and not something else confusingly stupid?

Are there any noticeable delays when copying files from A to a USB drive, or from a USB drive onto B?

I ask since I had one particular XP machine which developed an aversion to copies/deletes. It would spend minutes "preparing to copy files" and not making any obvious progress, then suddenly do the whole copy at once. This even happened when copying from the local hard drive to itself.

I tried disabling various programs from running at bootup, turning off services, etc. I tried scanning for malware, viruses, etc. Nothing solved the issue. The machine is still totally responsive in the foreground while this is happening, and is able to start/run applications at full speed. I haven't tried reformatting yet, but I intend to soon. For now, I just start deletes/copies and let them run in the background while I do other things.


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