Are you sure it’s the SMB portion…

Comment on “Dear lazy web,” by Daniel Stutzbach

Are you sure it's the SMB portion and not something else confusingly stupid?

I have developed a philosophy about debugging problems. If I everything I would normally assume to be true were actually true, the problem would not occur. Ergo, I assume nothing. :-)

Are there any noticeable delays when copying files from A to a USB drive, or from a USB drive onto B?


I ask since I had one particular XP machine which developed an aversion to copies/deletes. It would spend minutes "preparing to copy files" and not making any obvious progress, then suddenly do the whole copy at once. This even happened when copying from the local hard drive to itself.

Vista is kind enough to provide a progress bar of the file copy progress. The bar does gradually move toward completion, so I suspect the problem is at least related to networking. Whether it's an SMB problem, TCP problem, or link layer problem, I don't know.

I guess I should fire up a packet-sniffer and see what's going on...


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