Eve Online

Anyone play Eve Online?

A friend is trying to get me hooked.


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  • I’m sitting in a gate camp right now, after some little greifer corp declared war on us. :-) Been playing for just about two months now…

    • Got any tips? I seem to be doing OK at making ISK, but I don’t really have a good grasp of much ISK a noob should expect to be making. Many of the game mechanics reminds me of the old Trade Wars BBS door game.

      In other news, I hear you work with Jim L. and have recruited Justin. Good for you. :-)

      • 1) Read the forums. Lots of good stuff there, though it takes a bit of searching and revisiting; some of the good fan sites are already listed in stickies for the new folks.

        2) Find a good corp, or at least a few friends with the same play time and style. It’s not required for mission running, but having an extra cargohold or guns will come in very handy while mining or hauling goods. If you haven’t got a corp, I can highly recommend EVE University (though we’re still wardec’ed and probably not accepting apps until they’re done, *sigh*).

        3) Never, ever fly something you can’t afford to lose (that includes cargo). PVP aside, some people just like griefing others and nothing hurts more than losing 2bil worth of goods…

        I’ve been doing missions only and made decent amounts off salvage and rewards; missions aren’t too difficult, they’re rather more exciting, but not highly profitable early on. Salvging is pretty much required as that’s where the big bucks will come from; having a dedicated salvage ship will speed things up a lot. I think I had 5-10mil in the first couple weeks; I don’t know what I make on average due to stupid wars getting in the way, though.

        If you’ve gone for industry or trading, I can’t help. I’m lead to believe that they can be extremely lucrative, but I just don’t have to attention span to play the market, nor haul goods across the Empire. I suppose I’ll get into building stuff at some point, but I want to put my SPs elsewhere for now.

        If you’re mining… bring a friend. Not only will you want some backup for the can flippers and griefers, but you’ll also want someone there to keep you from going insane from boredom. :-) You can make pretty damn good money early on, though; a friend pulled in a couple mil in one evening. A lot of people swap between mining and missions for variety.

        Technically, you also have the option of ratting and piracy, but low SP and small ships tend to be a losing proposition more often than not. If you want a quick boost to get you into better gear, selling a GTC for isk works; ~$10/185mil gives you more starting options for the cost of a movie.

  • i heard it’s really gzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ…

  • I don’t play, but considered dropping out of grad school to take it up full time…

    … my thesis isn’t going well… :-)

    • … my thesis isn’t going well… :-)

      In 5 years of grad school, I don’t know that I ever met anyone who was psyched that their thesis was going so well. It’s an endurance test. You just have to keep grinding away at it until it’s finished.

      Good luck =)

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