When I was in Brazil last Fall, I gave up my strict vegetarianism in favor of occasionally eating meat (such as when visiting foreign countries or on special occasions). I just wanted to warn some of you so you don't go into shock when you see meat served at the reception. There will, of course, also be vegetarian options.

(Yes, Carol, Texas is corrupting my soul)


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  • Your poor soul! *smirks*

    I understand. I actually have a similar philosophy now. After 11 years of strict vegetarianism, 1.5 years of strict vegan and gluten free eating and a WHOLE lot of trouble getting proper nutrition in foreign countries, I’ve decided it’s far simpler to eat a mainly vegan diet rather than be strict about anything. Though, I still can’t bring myself to order a steak (and likely never will), I will try a bite of G’s. That’s about all I want. It is just enough every once in a while to keep the enzymes in my body so if there is nothing else available, I have options. Life is for living. *hugs*

    I received a box for you in the mail. It’s safe, sound and will be ransomed to you in good time. *grin*

    Is there anything you want that is airplane safe and small from Eugene?

  • CONGRATULATIONS! :) on the marriage, not on the meat-eating :P

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