In my feild, of course. the…

Comment on “Historical Events with Interesting Names” by gwyd

in my feild, of course. the first defenistration is quite fammous. I find it interesting, because the revolt that followed, like the english Peasant Revolt of the early 1380's was one of the few where the peasants got what they wanted. In both cases, the authorities ostensibly crushed the revolt, but quietly made concessions to prevent further action along the same lines. In the case of Prague, the church quietly made some reforms, including allowing communion in both kinds to the laity in that regionm rather than risk losing the territory to heretics in a future revolt. It was a huge deal, since it was one of the more successful proto-protestant movements and is considered a forerunner of the Protestant revolution a century later.

the Siet of worms dosen't sound quite as funny when said allowed in german, but i admit the siliness of the image the written version causes in my head made it easy to memorise.


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