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I'm looking for some software to manage email mailing lists for my business, so that I can keep in touch with groups of individuals (e.g., all my beta testers or previous customers, etc).

Ideally, it would have a web interface where I can add individuals to different lists, and users can remove themselves from any list they no longer wish to receive.

Anyone have any experience with any software that might fit the bill?

Edit: It'd be particularly awesome if I could track my users in a spreadsheet or SQL database and have the mailing list software be able to pull lists based on whether certain fields were set.


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  • Sympa can do that, though it might be a bit unwieldy for a small setup. It’s also helpful if you can read French if you have to go digging into the code sometimes. We use it at Tufts and pull a bunch of lists out of LDAP, but it can do SQL easily enough (and in fact stores a lot of its own stuff in SQL).

  • I’m not helpful with a apckage for you, but I will say almost all of them can take a csv as input. You could make a MySQL DB with web interface just for your own sake and paste the individual lists manually, to start.

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