On October 12th, I'm going to be at the Oktoberfest in Newport, RI, watching my sister-in-law perform as part of Spitze. Should be a blast. Feel free to invite yourself. :-)


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  • I’m going to take a stab in the dark and assume your beautiful sister the trained vocal artist is the featured yodeler?

    Have a great time! Please give RI my regards, especially now that I’ve renewed my affection for it. *giggle*

    • No, my sister (Jill) is classically trained. She does arias, not yodeling. ;-)
      She hasn’t done much singing since she finished school and instead has been busy climbing the corporate ladder. She’s moving to Chicago soon to work at the Claire’s buying and distribution office.

      My sister-in-law (Teresa) lives in Orlando, FL, works for the House of Blues, and plays trumpet professionally on the side. Sometimes she plays at Epcot at the German pavilion.

      • Ha! I clearly don’t call upon my reading skills as I should. I completely missed the -in-law segment of the sentence. Gah! My apologies. That’s what I thought was so weird, the jump from opera to yodeling. I thought it may have been a fun side project. I bet Jill would be the best yodeler ever! Hee hee. Now that I look at the website, that doesn’t look like Jill. Oops. I guess that thing about assuming is true. I’m feeling rather like a blushing butt in the moment. *turns crimson, carmine and scarlet*

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