Well, I told my boss (9 months…

Comment on “QotD” by Daniel Stutzbach

Well, I told my boss (9 months in advance) that I was planning to leave for grad school in the fall. He tried to talk me out of it, but a few months later the company went out of business so that was that (it was a start-up). I found a 6-month contract position to hold me over in the meantime until I started school.

I fund my schooling via a Research Fellowship position that gives me a tuition waiver, health insurance, and around $20k/year in salary. A few terms I had a Teaching Assistantship position instead (same benefits/pay). Basically though, I get paid (meagerly) to go to school.

The past two years, I've also been taking around $10k/year in low-interest student loans. I had a hard time living on just the $20k/year, but at $30k I find I can live quite comfortably. It helped that I was only out of college for a few years before heading back, so I didn't get TOO used to having a fat paycheck.


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