Serenity: A Synopsis

The movie begins when one of the heroes, Simon, rescues his sister, a young maiden named River, who is being held, tortured, and brainwashed by a mysterious organization known only as "The Parliament". A skilled fighter, the Nameless Samurai, has been commissioned by The Parliament to retrieve her, as during her imprisonment she unwittingly acquired certain information which could weaken The Parliament's grip.

Years later, Simon is a crew-member aboard the pirate ship Serenity. The ship's captain, Malcolm, is a stern man who demands strict obedience to his orders, though at heart he cares deeply for his ship and his crew. Eventually, the Nameless Samurai picks up River's trail, and the hunt is on. Once the crew realize what's at stake, they find clues pointing them to the land of Miranda, deep inside the territory of a band of Orcs known as "The Reavers". Disguised as Orcs, they slip into the land of Miranda and uncover evidence that The Parliament had a hand in the creation of the savage Orcs. Armed with this evidence, they rush to publish it, knowing that the Nameless Samurai will certainly be waiting for them. As a gambit, they fire on the Orcs on their way out, leading to a direct confrontation between the Orcs and the forces of the Nameless Samurai. In a final, brutal battle, River turns out to have been trained by The Parliament to be a 20th-level Fighter, killing dozens of Orcs single-handedly. Once presented with the evidence (and all of the Orcs are destroyed by River) the Nameless Samurai orders his men to ceasefire, and helps Serenity's crew repair their ship. In the end, we are led to believe the Nameless Samurai commits hara-kiri.

I enjoyed the movie.


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  • haha…

    Makes sense why the show appeals to gamers when you put it that way.

  • pmb

    I thought we were led to believe that the Nameless Samurai became shepherd Book.

    • I didn’t think so. At the end he tells Mal that Mal won’t ever see him again because “there’s nothing left to see”, and throughout the movie he’s indicates that self-inflicted disembowlment is an honorable death, and the appropriate action after one has failed one’s mission (I wish I could find his exact quote about this near the beginning).

      If he became the next shepherd Book, I’d expect them to part on friendly terms.

  • thanks for your review

    I don’t see a lot of movies but enjoy movie reviews,

    less so ones that are written by paid movie reviewers.

    Is it at all meaningful that the term “Orc” is borrowed from LotR?

    I am trying to pin down where I have heard a sect referred to as

    “The Reavers.”

    Was there anywhere concealed a nod to Buffy?

    • Re: thanks for your review

      My plot synopsis was sort of a parody. The terms “Orc” and “Samurai” are never actually used anywhere in the movie.

      … but they *look* like Orcs and they *act* like Orcs …

      Was there anywhere concealed a nod to Buffy?

      I’m not really familiar enough Buffy to know. Unless you count River, the teenager girl with the impressive fighting skills.

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