Spreading my wings…

Things have been picking up lately. In the past month, I went from
having no publications, to having two posters and two papers accepted
(see Publications). There’s a lot of traveling in my near future as
I hop all over the country to present them.

Speaking of traveling, in a few days I’m heading up to Vancouver to
the annual meeting of the Music Librarian Association where I want
to get a feel for their take on issues related to my work:
peer-to-peer file sharing, copyright, and rewarding artists fairly.
It’s a tricky issue, and I’m interested in the point of view of
librarians since, on the average, they share a lot of my ideals: open
access to information and artwork for the betterment of humanity.

In fact, I must confess there’s one music librarian in particular I’m
looking forward to meeting, after corresponding with her for the past
few months via email, instant messenger, and, most recently,
telephone. It’s a little strange to have encountered a woman who in
so many ways seems very much like me. Our families and the values we
were raised with have a lot in common, and that’s manifested in a long
series of parallels between our lives.

It’s going to be an interesting trip.


4 comments to Spreading my wings…

  • I sit here in the internet room of my hotel, reading this on a really blurry monitor from a Compaq computer from 1903 aloud to G. I start off proud to hear of the publications (does little happy dance in seat and promises a great hug when I return) then quickly settle into smug giggles when I read of the librarians meeting. Hmmm… I say aloud to G… I smell the distinct odour of alterior movtives in this “work” trip. *grins and winks and launches into the Monty Python Nudge-nudge skit*

    Honestly, I’m glad you have this opportunity. I wait perched upon the edge of my seat to hear how the encounter goes… and I’m not talking about your work here. *wink* Good luck!

    Are you leaving before or after I return on the 17th? Do you need me to check on the house for you?

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