Review: Buffalo NAS

I've been meaning to blog about the Buffalo NAS that I purchased and have finally been spurred into action by a post from Leaf:

I'm thinking of buying an external drive for backups for my home pc. Reviews online don't even suggest clear leaders, let alone a winner.



Alisa and I caught Pixar's Up three nights ago. What a great film! Possibly Pixar's best film to date, and that's saying a lot. It opened the Cannes Film Festival this year and received an 8-minute standing ovation, Roger Ebert gave it four stars, etc.

Up is one of those films where the marketing for the film didn't really match the actual movie (another such film is the excellent Zero Effect). The trailers made Up look like a campy adventure movie, but the truth is that the trailers showed only the campiest parts of the film and little else. While there certainly is adventure and campiness, Up is also sentimental, sad, sweet, and even romantic.