Star Wars: Revisited

Adywan, a Star Wars fan with video-editing skills and way too much free time, has re-edited the original Star Wars film, fixing a wide variety of minor continuity and visual glitches and choosing the best of the Special Edition and original footage (Han shot first, no Jabba scene, etc.).

He also made some more ambitious improvements. Below, check out the amazing job he did improving the pace of the Kenobi v. Vader lightsabre battle. This is what Star Wars: Special Edition should have been.


Field Reports from Tatooine for @darthvader

I have to wonder how Darth Vader felt upon reading the field reports from the stormtroopers on Tatooine in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Days 5 and 6 must have throw him for a loop.

Day 1: Located droid parts near an escape pod, and two sets of tracks leading away from the pod. The tracks appear to be from an astromech droid and a bipedal droid. Based on the gait, the bipedal droid is likely a protocol droid.


Star Wars Uncut

The people over at Star Wars: Uncut have cut up the original Star Wars film into 15 second clips and setup a web site where fans can re-film each clip in the manner of their choosing. Once all of 15 second increments have been re-filmed and uploaded, they will stitch them all together into one zany, geek-tastic movie. They have 50% of the film done already and have a trailer (below).

I wonder if this will turn into the newest Internet craze, with many movies being remade by fans (at least until the MPAA throws a hissy fit).