Travel plans

Alisa and I will be in Rhode Island Saturday, Feb 16, through Sunday, Feb 24.

Alisa is attending the Music Library Association conference in Newport. We arrive Saturday evening and will be staying at my parents house in Smithfield until Wednesday. Tuesday night we pick up Jon Haupt from the airport (friend/neighbor/employee of Alisa's who is also attending the conference). Wednesday we're going to walk around downtown Providence to shop, eat falafel at East Side Pocket, and eat pizza at Al Forno's. From Wednesday night on, we'll be staying in Newport at a cheaper hotel near the expensive conference hotel.

Up until Wednesday, we'll be borrowing my mom's car if we need transportation. We're still undecided about renting a car after that. Probably we won't rent a car and will just hang around Newport. I'll be working on my laptop while Alisa does all her conference stuff.

Anyone for Wright's farm Sunday night?


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