Going to work for Google

As some of you have already heard via other social media, I have been offered a job working for Google at their headquarters in Mountain View, California. I'm accepting their offer and will start work on November 1st. I'm very excited about this opportunity in a way that I can't easily convey in text. Right now it all feels a little surreal

To do:

  • Sort through our stuff and throw out anything that we don't want
  • Figure out which group at Google I'll be working with
  • Decide where we want to live. There's a trade-off between a short commute versus being closer to San Francisco. We could split the difference, but that could also be the worst of both worlds.

Alisa also needs to figure out what she's going to do during the day while I'm at work, although I think we may wait until we're out there before fully tackling that. Right now she's the Director of the Hamon Arts Library at SMU. There are only a few directly equivalent positions in the Bay Area, they're all taken, and employee turnover is very low, so that's pretty much ruled out. She will have to be more creative in leveraging her skills as a manager, librarian, and musician. She already has one gig as a baroque violist lined up, so she's at least made some headway networking her way into that scene.

Neither of us have any close friends in the Bay Area, so if you're out there and think we might enjoy hanging out, don't be a stranger! Our idea of an enjoyable evening often involves a collaborating with friends on a home-cooked meal, followed by board or card games. Agricola anyone?


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